Average Joes are God’s Super Heroes

What a great compilation of stories and examples with big impact. The author hits home  when he says that we aren’t all superheroes with bigger than life callings. The day-to-day events in our lives and who we impact make us more than just Average Joes to God. In fact, if we look at those we do impact we find that we are superheroes to them. Through the author’s stories, we are inspired to take a closer look at what we are doing in our lives as Average Joes that make us invaluable to God’s work and calling.

This book provides a fresh perspective – a get out of the rut perspective – to focus on Him and to understand the gifts He has given each of us and how we are called as disciples/followers to serve Him and others so that His will is done!

Average Joe by Troy Meeder is much more than an average read – it’s a great read.


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Male Christian Married with 2 children Education: B.S. and MBA Professional (I.T. and Finance) -including consulting and project management
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